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Cinderella Beauty

Cow Oil Control Makeup Loose Powder

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Why use loose powder
Loose powder can increase the permeability and level of skin

Make your skin look natural and healthy,Help absorb facial oil
It can effectively control facial oil secretion,Create soft, moist and tactile skin
Suitable for all kinds of skin, fine powder, light and breathable

24-hour oil control, no makeup removal, no powder floating


100% brand new and high quality products.

1. Moisturizing makeup: the upper face is cold and moisturizing

2. Lightweight and non-feeling: the powdery texture is delicate and suitable for makeup

3. Matte makeup effect: softly modify the skin to create a matte texture


Name: Loose Powder

Net content: 50g

Suitable for skin types: all skin types

Product color number:

01# White matte: to create a natural and transparent fog facial make-up feeling, suitable for any skin color

02#Skin matte: create a natural white make-up feeling, suitable for natural skin color

03#Blue matte: suitable for white skin

04#Purple matte: create a natural and transparent make-up feeling, suitable for all skin tones

Package Included:

1*loose Powder