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Cinderella Beauty

Eyebrows Gel Sculpt

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100% brand new and quality!

Super hot wild eyebrows! you deserve to have!

Eyebrow shaping soap, colorless, odorless, transparent, unlike soap.

Excellent stereotypes, making your eyebrows three-dimensional, natural and dense.

The texture is fine and smooth, and the skin is not irritating.

Lightweight- the refreshing formula is not heavy and not sticky. It uses feeling as light as a feather. Super dense brush -360° cover the eyebrows for easy to shape eyebrows.

How To Use:

1. Spray brush head with a spray.

2. Brush the eyebrow soap with a slightly damp brush head (the amount is moderate, not too little, not too much, so as not to stick)

3. Repeat the combing of the eyebrows and let each eyebrow stick to the setting soap to achieve the setting effect.


Net content: 11g

Shelf life: 3 years