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Cinderella Beauty

False Eyelashes Extension Tape

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  1. The actual color of the project may differ slightly from the image displayed on the website.Caused by many factors, such as display brightness and light brightness.
  2. Please allow 1-5mm hand measurement error. use

How to use

This product uses a medical foam sponge. Thicker than regular eyelash extension tape. It is recommended to stick it to your arm before use and then stick it under your eyes. Prevents initial strain on the eye area and causes strain The length is 5 meters = 500 cm, and the number of experiments available is about 50 times. The width of 2.5cm can be arbitrarily cut according to the shape of the customer's eyes, and the thickness is 1 mm, which can be directly used for eyelash extension. Cost-effective products, Long use times,Ultra Cool Usage Experience is a must have for your eyelash extension.