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Cinderella Beauty

Flat Lash

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Products introduction:

Name: split tips ellipse eyelash
Thickness: 0.15mm 0.20 mm.
Curl: C CC D DD
Length: 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 mm and 8-15mix
Color: matte dark black


Special Shape

The ellipse flat shape can enlarge the glue contact area to make application tightly. Do you have a client who wasn't blessed with the thickest of natural lashes but LOVES the thick classics look? Ellipse lashes are PERFECT for them!
same as a 0.15 regular lash extension!

Unique and Full

The flatter ellipse-shaped base also fills and corrects the appearance of gaps between natural eyelashes. Double Split tips of lashes makes 3D effect and looks more dense and natural.

Matte Finish

It has super matte surface and looks like real hair. And our eyelash looks thicker than other false eyelashes, but lighter and softer. It not only satisfies women's pursuit of beauty, but also provides comfortable use feeling.

ODM/OEM Service: customized boxes, private labels available, free design