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Cinderella Beauty

Propolis Lip Mask

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It's hard to avoid peeling your mouth in winter!

Whenever the lips are too dry, cracking and peeling affect the beauty, and it will be very uncomfortable to eat. Applying lipstick has also become a problem, especially in autumn and winter. At this time, the lip film before going to bed has to be thick.

What I want is that it is moist and smooth with less lip lines .

The skin of the mouth is not dry. It feels smooth when applying lipstick. It has a faint fragrance and tastes sweet. It's also easy to push away the mouth.

Apply it at night and get up the next day. Your mouth becomes moist a lot!

The small honeypot comes with a small mallet, which is easy to dig~


Translucent and viscous jam like, moist but not greasy. The ash is often easy to apply. It can be used at any time to moisturize during the day. It can be used to moisturize the lips all day. It can be used as lipstick primer for maintenance at night. Apply a thick layer before going to bed,Repair cutin and moisturize lips


Applicable people: general
Skin Type: General
Net content: 4ml
Product color:Color as shown
Shelf life: 3 years
Function:Moisturize and reduce lip lines. Clean up dead skin, lipstick primer

Package Included:

1Pcs* propolis lip membrane