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Cinderella Beauty

Rhinestones Bulk Pearl Nail Supplies

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The adhesive on the back can be pasted anywhere you want to paste, mobile phones, cameras, phones, U disks, speakers, mirrors, boxes, cups, glass, walls, switches, etc., and can also be used as children's toys.


Category: Pearl Eyebrow Face Diamond

Material: Rhinestone and Acrylic Diamond

Color: white, white ab3.4.5.6mm, pearl, black and glitter, solid black and violet, white rose 4mm, mixed color


Function: beautify decoration

Type: Pearl eyebrow face drill

quantity: 1sheet

Instructions for use:

first clean the place that needs to be pasted, then peel off the decal and paste it directly on the face or body, and finally gently press the face rhinestones suitable for the face or body, or use eyelash glue to enhance the viscosity to avoid falling. The rhinestone sticker can be applied several times. When the glue is dry, use the eyelash glue to increase the stickiness.

Package includes: 1*piece of pearl eyebrow face diamond