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Cinderella Beauty

YY Lash

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Production introduction:

Name: YY shape eyelash extension

Function: eyelash extension

Material: premium mink + foils wallpaper

Curl: B/C/CC/D/DD


Thickness: 0.05mm/0.07mm

Capacity: 12 rows


Product features:

1, Two lash tips, make flower naturally, root stay together instead of falling apart.

2, NAGARAKU exclusive researched and developed material comes to light, soft and natural three main features.

3, 12 rows in one tray has replaced the old design of 6 rows.

4, Fast application, a pairs eyes only need 50-60 roots, saving 50% time.

5, Hand- woven 100% and sterilized through high temperature anti-allergy and protect eyes.

6, Special YY shape make extension looks more graceful and thick.

7, Foils wallpaper is convenient for picking up and transfer, not easy to be out of shape and broken.

8, Eyelash extensions stick on tape strongly, hard to fall off from the lash tape, easy to pick up and no remaining glue, individual eyelash is distinct